3.5.5. Administration Tab

3.5.5. Administration Tab
The main function of this tab is to manage Jobs.
You can create and edit Jobs, setup a database connection or lists, setup capture grids and tweak ChronoScan settings.

Collaboration Toolbar (DEPRECATED)

1. Collaboration Toolbar (DEPRECATED)
NOTE: This function is DEPRECATED
On this toolbar it is possible to search and share document types on the public ChronoScan database.
Clicking on the Search Types button will open up the Search Document Types window.

Jobs and Batches Toolbar

2. Jobs and Batches Toolbar
On this toolbar you have tools for manipulating Jobs.
You can edit, remove or create a new Job and create a batch for the selected Job.
This toolbar is documented here.

Entities Toolbar

3. Entities Toolbar
The Entities functionality is specific to ChronoScan Enterprise users and it will allow user groups to be created. The user groups will work similarly to individual users where user access can be controlled and limited as desired.

Databases Toolbar

4. Databases Toolbar
The Databases Toolbar include tools to work with databases and connect them to
The Databases Toolbar is documented here.

Panels Toolbar

5. Panels Toolbar
Click on the Extra Data Panels button to open up the eXtra Panels Settings
window where you can enable Data Capture Grids and set them up.

System Toolbar

6. System Toolbar
On this toolbar you can activate the User Mode by clicking on the User Mode
button or open up the Configuration Parameters ChronoScan Window where it is possible to
change ChronoScan settings.
More on User Mode here. The Configuration Parameters ChronoScan window is documented here.

Job List Panel

7. Job List Panel
This panel displays information about all the available Jobs. Select one Job from the list to start working on it.