• 1. Introduction

1. Introduction

This manual is divided into four main sections:
On the Articles section you will find many useful articles about ChronoScan. If you need very specific guidance on a broader subject and you can't find it on the How To and Video Tutorials section look into the Articles section. Intended for users already familiarized to ChronoScan.
If you need guidance on how to perform specific tasks on ChronoScan follow along the videos and guides on this section. Intended for begginer and advanced users. If the function you are looking for is not documented here try the Main Interface section.
If you are new to ChronoScan this section is for you. Here you will learn about the concepts behind ChronoScan. Recommended if you are absolutely new to ChronoScan or wish to get insight on how it works.
The Main Interface section serves as a guide where you will find documented pretty much every window and button on ChronoScan as well as some useful info on how to use them. Intended to be used as a guide for beginner and advanced users when they feel stuck or are uncertain about the purpose of a window or button within ChronoScan.