3.4.12. OCR Triggers

3.4.12. OCR Triggers
The OCR Trigger is basically an user specified area on a document in which if a certain condition is met, usually the existence of a piece of text or a regular expression, a user specified action will be performed. Depending on the trigger logic set on the Trigger Properties when the desired text or regular expression is found or not on the area specified by the user the desired action is performed.
Actions for triggers are the following:
To change the action a trigger will perform and it's logic options and other settings first select the trigger and then navigate to the Properties panel to visit the OCR Trigger Properties menu.

OCR Trigger and its

result and action

1. OCR Trigger and its 
result and action
In this case the trigger is positive (TRUE).
The trigger condition is OnTextExist and the parameter is "invoice no.".
The trigger action is createfieldposlink, or create position reference for linked elements.

Position Link created

by the trigger

2. Position Link created
by the trigger
This trigger is searching for something similar to "Invoice No." and then creating a position reference for the linked elements, such as the OCR Zone linked to the Data Field Scan Date.
When you reference OCR zones to a floating trigger you will see green link arrows indicating the position reference: