Advanced sFTP Export Using Custom Commands and cURL

From version ChronoScan now supports advanced FTP Export functionality using cURL commands. To enable the new functionality use the new custom command option on the Advanced tab of the FTP Export Module window.
This new functionality is very useful for exporting into a sftp server for instance.
The new Advanced tab on the FTP Export window.
To use the new functionality with cURL first download the correct version of cURL from this page. The SSL version must be selected. If in doubt just download this version.
Also make sure to download cURL and extract it to the same folder specified on the custom command.
For the following command (default for the FTP Export Module):
c:\example\curl.exe -ss -v -k "sftp://%ftpserver%/mydestdir/%chronodstfile%" --user "%ftpuser%:%ftppwd%" -T "%chronosrcfile%" --ftp-create-dirs
NOTE: cURL must be extracted into the "c:\example\" folder in order for the command to work properly.
The "check response" parameter is used when the command is finished running. ChronoScan will scan the output of the command used by the user for the string used on the Check response field. If it is found the export will be marked as successful.
NOTE: Do not forget to turn "Use Custom Command" to true when custom commands are being used.
Another nice utility to use as custom command for the FTP export is WinSCP, that can be found here.
What is very nice about WinSCP is that they include a command line commands generator inside the application that will generate a command for the performed operations, making sure the commands performed are correct and will work as expected.
Having the option to run a custom command expands in a very big measure the functionality of the FTP export built into ChronoScan by allowing the users to use any kind of utility desired to perform the export while taking advantage of all the data captured by ChronoScan by allowing the use of all of the variables generated on the data capture process. As always, if you have any questions about it please contact our support team via our support page by choosing the desired option on the right of the page.
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