ChronoScan Welcome Screen

ChronoScan Welcome Screen
The first window to show up when launching ChronoScan is the Welcome Window.
Here it is possible to login or create your account using the User Login and Registration fields as well as to recover a lost password and manage the licenses using the License Manager by clicking on the Activate License button.
There is also a live feed with information and news about ChronoScan.
If you are a new user using the trial version of ChronoScan just click on the Continue Without Registration button.

User Login and Registration

1. User Login and Registration
If you have a license and have created an account, put in your login details.
You can also recover your password or created a new account.

Activate License

2. Activate License
To enter the License Manager window where you can install, uninstall,
acquire and check information about the licenses on your computer click on the Activate Licenses button.

Continue Without Registration

3. Continue Without Registration
To continue using ChronoScan without a login or registration,
click on the Continue Without Registration button.

Information and News

4. Information and News
The Information and News panel shows a live feed with all the news about ChronoScan.


5. Login
In order to login after inserting your credentials, click on the Login button.


6. Shutdown
To close ChronoScan click on the Shutdown button.

Language Selection

7. Language Selection
In this dropdown menu it is possible to see and select all
languages the ChronoScan interface is available in.
Please keep in mind that not all languages are 100% translated.
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