Creating Barcode Actions

Creating Barcode Actions
To create actions for the conditions previously created you have to highlight the condition you want by clicking on it. Select the action desired from the Actions Dropdown Menu and click on the Add Action button.
If you have a VBScript on your action you can click the "Options" button to open up the VBScript Editor window.

Actions Dropdown Menu

1. Actions Dropdown Menu
You can select the actions desired for each condition from the dropdown menu.

Add Action

2. Add Action
After selecting the action from the dropdown menu you should click on the "Add Actions" button to add it to the Actions Area.


3. Options
If you have a VBScript that button will open up the "VBScript Editor" window. You need to highlight the desired action to be able to click on the "Options" button.

Remove Action

4. Remove Action
Highlight the desired action by clicking on it and click on the Remove Action button to remove the highlighted action.


5. Close
After all the desired triggers have been setup you can click this window to go back to the "Scan/Input" tab.
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