Description of Status Icons

Throughout the interface the user will find several different icons that will display the current status for the document, field or Batch. On this section you will find a short description of each icon.
Validated data field
Data in field passed all validation rules
Invalidated data field
Data in field failed any validation rule
Masterkey field
Field contains masterkey value
Intelli-tag field
Field is linked to an intelli-tag list
Document needs user input
Document have missing data fields
Document validated
Document is validated and ready for export
Document needs configuration
Template for document is not created yet
Document type set by IDR
Document type was set automatically by the Intelligent Document Recognition engine
Document type set by trigger
Document type was set by a trigger
Value set by OCR Engine
Value in the field was captured using a OCR Engine. Red icon means low confidence, green icon means good confidence level
Value set by VBScript
A VBScript is setting the value for the field
Value set by data lookup
The value is set from a database lookup
Default value
The value is set as the default for the field
Value set by PDF text data
The value on the field was captured from the text layer captured from the pdf document
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