General Job Workflow

General Job Workflow
This workflow chart gives some insight into a general Job Setup Workflow for ChronoScan. It goes through the three main steps:
Job Setup;
Templates Setup;
Advanced Job Setup;
Those steps are briefly described below:

Job Setup (Job Wizard)

1. Job Setup (Job Wizard)
The Job Setup process becomes very simple and straight forward by using the Job Wizard available from the Create Batch Window.
All of the basic settings can be setup from the Job Wizard. All of those settings can be later changed via the user interface.

Templates Setup

2. Templates Setup
The Template Setup step is the most time consuming step as it usually requires a fair amount of testing .

Advanced Setup

3. Advanced Setup
Whenever advanced configuration is needed it is setup on this stage. Advanced configuration is used to perform very specific tasks and to correct reading error inherent to the OCR technology
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