How to Back Up ChronoScan

In order to backup ChronoScan the user must have access to the ProgramData folder on the windows drive (C: drive by default).
A normal backup configuration will require the folders inside C:\ProgramData\ChronoScan and the Config file for the default configuration and C:\ProgramData\ChronoScan.MY_CONFIG_NAME and the Config file for any custom configurations. For this kind of backup the folder WorkDir can be omitted as this folder only contains document and extracted data information.
On a normal backup all folders and the Config.xml file should be included except for the WorkDir folder.
A full backup can include the WorkDir folder but we recommend that it is not included because it will significantly increase the size of the backup and only add data that is only significant in the short term.
For a minimal backup the user can only include the following folders and files :
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