After setting up the Job name and description it is possible to adjust scanning options for the Job.
After clicking Next the user is presented with the Document Split window.

OCR Orientation

1. OCR Orientation
This option enables OCR on background images and will auto-correct text orientation on documents that were not correctly scanned.

Barcode Reading

2. Barcode Reading
This option enables barcode reading. You will need this option enbaled if you want to extract barcode data or create barcode triggers on your documents.

Intelli-Tag Search

3. Intelli-Tag Search
This option will enable Intelli-Tag for your documents. Common document types will benefit from the Intelli-Tag feature.

Type Detection

4. Type Detection
This enables the Automatic Type Detection feature. Based on the document layout, ChronoScan will try to fit the scanned documents on one of the document types on it's database.

Accounts Payable Wizard

5. Accounts Payable Wizard
This button will open the accounts payable wizard. This will generate a masterkey setup centered around accounts payable applications but their use is not limited to that. Learn more about masterkey setups here.
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