Splitting Documents Using Barcode

Barcodes on our documents can be used just like PatchCodes to split documents with more than one page. ChronoScan recognizes many types of Barcodes and all of them can be used in different ways to split documents. Let's take a look at how to use the Barcode reading settings window to split our documents using Barcodes.
Splitting Documents Using Barcode
It should be noted that in order to split documents using barcodes the user must first import a sample or small batch of the documents with the barcode or barcodes that are going to be used to split the documents, setup the split and then remove and import all of the documents so they can be processed correctly.

Barcode Split Action

1. Barcode Split Action
Enabling this option will enable Barcode Split. The other two options give greater control over how the documents will be split.

New document condition

2. New document condition
By using this option conditions can be created to only split when the condition are met. Learn more about the conditions here. (Those settings are the same as the ones for Barcode Triggers)

If BC has been read, delete page

3. If BC has been read, delete page
Use this option to remove the page containing the desired Barcode. This option will bypass the conditions set.
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