Using Multiple Launch Configurations

ChronoScan allows you to use different and isolated configurations at launch. It can be very useful if you have the need to have different Jobs/Batches and configurations or different regional settings on the same machine.
Create a "ChronoScan.your config name" folder inside %programdata%.
If you want to create copies of your existing configuration you can copies of your %programdata%\ChronoScan directory to "%programadata%\ChronoScan.your config name here".
C:\ProgramData\ChronoScan.Config 1
C:\ProgramData\ChronoScan.Config 2
When creating copies you must edit your config.xml files on "ChronoScan.Config 1" and  "ChronoScan.Config 1" to point to the correct working directories:
Alternatively, that can be done on the ChronoScan Launcher by selecting the desired configuration and clicking on Edit Settings.
Every time you launch ChronoScan you will see the ChronoScan Launcher window and you must always select the desired configuration and click on Start. The same is true when running hotfolders.
If you want to launch a specific configuration using a shortcut add the -customdir parameter to your shortcut (Executing ChronoScan on Command line).
If you want to add a list configuration somewhere other than %ProgramData% or on another machine follow the Using a Remote Configuration article.
The same Using a Remote Configuration guide can be used to connect a desktop client to a remote ChronoScan Enterprise Configuration.
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