Value List on Database

Value List on Database
On this window the user can define where the data for a Database List will come from. It is also possible to use advanced configurations by tweaking the SQL query on the Enter "Select" command field.

Select Data Source

1. Select Data Source
Use this button to select which Database connected to ChronoScan will be used to build the value list. It will open the Database Navigator Window where the user can select the database and table to be used.

Select Value and Description Fields

2. Select Value and Description Fields
Using the dropdown menus the user can select which field from the database will be used as Value and Description field for the list. It is possible to concatenate fields by using the Enter "Select area.

Personalize SQL Query

3. Personalize SQL Query
On this box it is possible to personalize the SQL query. The user can concatenate several fields to show up as description on the list.

Test List

4. Test List
Click on this button to display the list on the assigned area. If there is any error on the custom Select command it will be displayed.
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