Index Documents and Image Input Toolbar Documents and Image Input Toolbar
On the Documents and Image Input toolbar it is possible to setup document import and split options.
The current input options on the Input Source menu follows:
Current Input sources supported by ChronoScan.
The document split options from the Document Split Mode menu are documented here.
In order to open the import window for the selected Input Source from the menu click the Input Start button, the Input Module window for the selected Input Source will open up, they are documented here:

Document Split Mode

1. Document Split Mode
This menu will present several Document Split options.
They are documented here.

Input Source

2. Input Source
From this menu it is possible to select the desired input sources. It can be Image files, PDF files, TWAIN compatible scanner and Generate Images.
You will find more on Input Modules here.
The Generate Images option will create random documents or invoices following the selected criteria for testing purposes, it can be useful if you don't have a scanner and want to test ChronoScan's basic features such as automatic split and basic OCR Zone data capture.

Input Options

3. Input Options
On this menu you can turn on Blank Page Detection and configure it further.
You can also automate the scanning process.
More on that here.

Input Start

4. Input Start
After all the desired settings are selected click on Start Input to open the Import Module window for the selected Input Source.
All the Input Modules can be found documented in here.