Index Import Images Input Module Import Images Input Module
This module allows for importing image files and PDF Image files.
On this window it is possible to configure common options such as source folder or folders, simple split options and other functions such as renaming and folder sorting.
To start importing files right away set the Directory for the desired Module and click on the Run Import Module button.  

Import Configurations

1. Import Configurations
This panel shows all the settings for the current configuration.
All the configurations are the same except for the file extension mask.
All of the configurations are fully customizable, just click on each field to edit it.

Create New Configuration

2. Create New Configuration
This link will open a prompt asking for the new configuration name to be added to the Available Configurations panel. After typing in the name click OK and the new configuration will show up on the Available Configurations panel. This is very useful if there is the need for several source folders or several different image formats that need to be imported.

Copy Import Configuration

3. Copy Import Configuration
The selected import configuration can be copied using the Copy Import Configuration button.

Remove Selected Configuration

4. Remove Selected Configuration
Select a configuration from the Available Configurations panel by clicking on it's name and click on this link to remove it.

Run Import Module

5. Run Import Module
After setting up all of the desired configurations click on the Run Import Module button to run the Import Module.

Explore Source Folder

6. Explore Source Folder
The Explore Source Folder button will open up the selected source folder on the windows explorer.

Close Import Module

7. Close Import Module
The Close button will close this import module window without running it.