3.2.11. Exporting Batches

Exporting Batches is the process of converting and sending the extracted data from ChronoScan to an output destination on the desired format. In order to perform these operations there are two types of modules, the conversion module and the destination export module. Both can be found here:
Conversion Module
Conversion modules will dictate the format of the data exported.
The Conversion Module converts images or data to a specific file Format. You can scan .tiff images to generate PDF text files, for example. Learn more about conversion export modules here.
Export Module
The export modules will tell ChronoScan where to output the data.
The Export Module allows you to send the result of the Conversion Module to a specific destination such as the local filesystem, Microsoft Sharepoint Server or a Cloud Server like Google Docs. Learn more about destination export modules here.
Head to the Configure Image and Data Output section to learn the exporting basics.