3.4.9. Output Modules

An Output Module refers to the final destination of the data captured with ChronoScan. In ChronoScan you define an Output Module as the file format of the exported data and its final destination (storage). For example: TIFF files exported to File System, PDF files exported to SharePoint Server, XML files exported to a FTP server.
The Output Modules come into play when exporting data captured from a Batch of files.
In ChronoScan it is possible to produce multiple outputs at the same time when you export a Batch. You can also use the captured data to generate file names or directory structures or export it to XML, CSV, ODBC, and other data formats.
Currently ChronoScan supports the following Output File Formats:
And the following Output Destinations:
In ChronoScan it is possible to combine any of the Output File Formats with any of the Output Destinations. That is done mainly at Export time when exporting a batch of processed documents using the Export Batch button, you will be able to manage outputs on the Execute Output Window.