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The XML Module will allow the users to generate standard XML files containing the desired data.

Module Configuration

1. Module Configuration
The module configuration will allow the user to set filters for the export. For instance only exporting documents that passed all validation rules or that have a specific value on a field.

XML Module Options

2. XML Module Options
The XML Module options will allow the user to set XML specific settings such as "Ignore Empty Nodes" and the Generation Mode.

Export Fields Configuration

3. Export Fields Configuration
On the export fields configuration section the user can set the values that will be added to each field on the final txt file. System variables can be used on custom fields.

Grid Module

4. Grid Module
The grid control module section will allow the user to export line items captured by the Grid Modules on ChronoScan.

Custom Fields

5. Custom Fields
The custom fields configuration is an extension to the Export Fields and can be used to export specific values that are not readily available through the interface. The sample above shows a variable that will have the value of the path to the source file for each ChronoScan document.