Index M-Files Destination Export Module M-Files Destination Export Module
The M-Files Destination Module will allow the users to export captured data directly into M-Files. It is usually coupled with a PDF Conversion module.
For list fields the M-Files module also includes custom functions that will allow users to search/add items to a list inside M-Files. Learn more about custom functions here.
To use dynamic Object Type and/or Class use the NAME(%docfield.field%) selection from the list and replace "field" with your Data Field name.
For a data field called Document type NAME(%docfield.Document type%) should be used. Learn more about using the M-Files module here.

Module Configuration

1. Module Configuration
The module configuration will allow the user to set filters for the export. For instance only exporting documents that passed all validation rules or that have a specific value on a field.

M-Files Server Connection Configuration

2. M-Files Server Connection Configuration
On the M-files server connection configuration the user needs to setup the M-Files server settings. After setting this section correctly the user must click on the Connect button at the bottom of the window.

M-Files Vault and Document Settings

3. M-Files Vault and Document Settings
On the Vault and Document Settings the user can setup the desired Vault and Object Type and Class.

Linked Fields Configuration

4. Linked Fields Configuration
On this section the user will see all of the existing fields for the selected Object Type and Class and will be able to define the values that should go into each m-files property. The values are created using system variables accessible by the (...) button on each Value field on the configuration window.

Connect to Server

5. Connect to Server
Use the connect to server button to connect after setting the desired m-files server settings, after selecting the desired vault and after selecting the desired object class, type and workflow.
The connect to server button will retrieve all the needed information from the server and update the user interface accordingly.


6. Tooltips
Tooltips show relevant information for the selected items.