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The Batches Toolbar offer batches tools.
You can create new batches, export a completed batch, close and/or reopen the selected batches,
hide/show the BATCHES Panel and also request support for the selected Batch if you are a registered user.

Batches Panel

1. Batches Panel
The Batches Panel button will open and close the Batches Panel on the Scan/Input tab.

Create New Batch

2. Create New Batch
The New Batch button will open the Create Batch Window.
Allowing you to create a new batch for a new set of documents.

Open Batch

3. Open Batch
Click on the Open Batch button to to open a previously created Batch.
Note that it is also possible to open a batch by clicking on the desired batch on the Batches Panel. This button will open the Open Batch Window.

Export Batch

4. Export Batch
Clicking on the Export Batch button will export the currently opened batch.
It will open the Execute Output window to export the captured data to the desired format and destination.

Delete Batch

5. Delete Batch
Clicking on the Delete Batch button will delete the currently opened batch.

Close Batch

6. Close Batch
The Close Batch button will close the currently opened batch locking it to changes.
To reopen a batch click on the drop down menu as follows:
Click on the Reopen Batch button to unlock a Batch.

Support Request

7. Support Request
In order to have access to the support request feature you must be logged on your account.
The Support Request button will allow you to send the currently opened batch to the support team to get help.