Index Execute Output Window Execute Output Window
On the Execute Output window it is possible to manage Output Modules and their configurations for exporting the captured data and to export them.

Add Output Modules

1. Add Output Modules
Click on the Add Output Modules button to open the Add Output window to add new output modules for the batch.

Link New Convertion/Export Module

2. Link New Convertion/Export Module
With the Link New Convertion/Export Module button it is possible to add a Destination Output Module to a Format Output Module already on the Currently Created Modules list.
It is also possible to add a new Format Output Module.

Remove Module

3. Remove Module
Select a module and click on the Remove Module button to remove it from the list.

Save Current Settings

4. Save Current Settings
The Save Current Settings button will save the current export settings for the batch.
After setting up all the desired modules click on this button to save your work.

Created Modules

5. Created Modules
This list shows all the created modules for the batch.
Click on each module to configure it or remove and sort it.

Details Panel

6. Details Panel
This panel will show information about the selected modules as well as specific options to configure each module.
More on Output Modules can be found here.

Sort Modules

7. Sort Modules
Click on a module and then on the arrows to sort it up or down on the list.

Execute Modules

8. Execute Modules
Click on the Export Now button to run all the modules.
After all the modules finish running the Output Report Window will open.
There, a summary will be generated and it will be possible to access all the created files.