Batches Panel

The Batches Panel allows you to view all your Batches and their status with a bird's eye view. It also allows you to execute operations on all selected batches at the same time. More on the Batches Panel here.
Click on the column's name to sort by specific column.
Use Ctrl+Click to select more than one batch.

Batches Toolbar

1. Batches Toolbar
From Left to Right:
  • Open Batch
  • Process selected batches
  • Export selected batches
  • Delete selected batches

Batches Columns

2. Batches Columns
From Left to Right:
  • Batch status when in process.
  • Job: name of the Job for the Batch.
  • Batch: batch name.
  • Modified: last modified date of the Batch.
  • Number or images of the Batch.
  • Number of documents in the Batch.
  • Number of errors in the batch.
  • A green check mark when processed OK or a warning on process errors.
  • A green check mark when exported OK.

Selected Batch Summary

3. Selected Batch Summary
Shows the batch summary

Export Reports

4. Export Reports
Click on the magnifier to view details of the executed export and to review the output.
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