Blank Page Detection Settings

Blank Page Detection Settings
On this window it is possible to configure Blank Page Detection using documents already in the batch.
It is also possible to set up actions when a blank page is detected.
Use the delete page option to remove all blank pages detected.

Minimum File Size Threshold

1. Minimum File Size Threshold
On this section it is possible to enter manually the minimum file sizes for each type of document or to select a document already in the batch by clicking on the options () button.
It's file size will be entered automatically into the correspondent field.

Content Threshold

2. Content Threshold
The content threshold detection will work according to the amount of content of each page that is being imported into a Batch.
The content threshold option will only take into account the amount of image data in each page individually, allowing for extended use for multiple diverse documents.

Blank Page Triggers

3. Blank Page Triggers
Those trigger actions allow for document splitting.
If desired, the blank pages can be removed or marked as ignored when detecteds.
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