Data Fields

Data Fields
Here the user is presented with Data Capture fields customization. ChronoScan comes with a preset for Invoices with the Line Capture option or for Generic Fields.
Each data capture field can have different properties such as "Field Type" and "Default Vaule" to serve many different purposes. Customization of data capture fields is easily done.
More on data capture fields can be found here.
After clicking Next the user is presented with the Output Settings window.

Invoice Fields

1. Invoice Fields
Invoice preset fields. If the user is processing invoices this a very good starting preset for the Data Capture Fields that will be needed. Customization is very easily done.

Line Capture

2. Line Capture
This option enables Grid capture customized for invoices with a details line and amount, balance and some fields and rules to check the information. When selecting this option the user don't need to setup an xGrid from scratch. More on capture grids here.

Generic Fields

3. Generic Fields
If the fields needed for the data capture are not invoices the user should select this preset and customize the fields to fit the data that will be extracted.

Current Data Capture Fields

4. Current Data Capture Fields
This area shows the current data capture fields. to customize each field's properties the user need to click on each property and edit it accordingly.
More about data capture fields and customization can be found here

Add Data Field

5. Add Data Field
The Add Data Field button adds a new default data capture field.

Remove Data Field

6. Remove Data Field
In order to delete a field the user have to select it by clicking on it and then click on the Remove Data Field button.

Move Data Field

Up or Down

7. Move Data Field 
Up or Down
To sort out the different capture data fields the user can move them up or down by selecting each data field by clicking on it and clicking on the up and down arrows to move it up or down in the list.
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