Export data to TXT

Standard installation now includes TXT Report Export module.
With this module you can generate a txt file with the information from the fields. You can access it via Execute Output Window or through a simpler version of it on the Grid View
Generation and the modes are:
Access the Generation Modes on the Options for the TXT Conversion Export Module.
 To add the TXT Conversion Export Module to your Job:
Add a new Output Module on the Execute Output Window and select the TXT Report Conversion Module along with the desired Output Destination:
TXT Report Conversion Module.
If you want to include any other information into the final TXT report, add a custom field in the TXT converter settings. On this example we will add the source file name into the final TXT report:
Add a custom field to the TXT Conversion window. You can open it while adding the TXT Report Export Module or by selecting it on the Execute Output Window and clicking on the Options button. Click on the Add Custom Field button and name it accordingly to what you want.
On the TXT Conversion Window click on the Add Field button and name your new custom field.
Use the field wizard to locate your exporter data field to use it on the custom field created. Open it using the options () button after selecting the desired custom field:
Options button for the custom field created. Scroll down to the custom fields and locate the desired custom field.
And add the desired field value to the report: (you can search by using your export module name):
Select the desired data for the custom field and click OK to finish.
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