Grid View

Grid View
The Grid View displays the same information as the Form View, but for all the documents in the Batch. It is also possible to export the captured data as a excel or text file from the Grid View.
It is used to visualize the captured data for all the documents currently in the Batch.

Documents OCR Zone Capture

1. Documents OCR Zone Capture
This area of the Grid View displays all the data captured by the OCR Zones setup for the Job.
To setup a OCR for any of the Data Fields select the OCR Zone Creation Mode and click on the Data field.
Then create the field around the desired data on the document.

Change Document Status

2. Change Document Status
This function is only available for ChronoScan Enterprise.
The document status can be set for the selected documents.
This will open the Set Document Status window.

View Tools

3. View Tools
The View Tools will hide/show only the documents that fit the selected criteria.
View All Documents
View Validated Documents
View Documents With Errors

Grid View Export Tools

4. Grid View Export Tools
The Grid Export Tools allow you to quickly export only the selected data on the Grid View.
After clicking on the export button ChronoScan will prompt for the file location and will open it on the default editor for the chosen format.
Export Data in TXT Format
Export Data in XLS Format

Export Selection

5. Export Selection
Select the desired documents from the Grid View while holding CRTL on your keyboard and click on Export Selection to open up the Execute Output Window
where you can setup the desired Output Modules for your data.

View by Document Type Tools

6. View by Document Type Tools
The View by Document Type Tools will show/hide documents based on the selected Document Type criteria.
View Only Documents With no Assigned Document Type
View Only Documents With Assigned Document Type
View Only Documents Matching the Currently Selected Document's Document Type

Process/Reset Selection

7. Process/Reset Selection
Here you can either process the selected documents on the Grid View or Reset them to default.
When using the Process Selection button, Process and Task Settings window will open up.
Resetting a document to default will clear all the captured data. All OCR Zones, Grids and Triggers will remain.
Process Selection
Reset Selection to Default

Find and Search Tools

8. Find and Search Tools
The Find and Search Tools can be used to search through the captured data. It also has the Find and Replace function.
The Find and Replace button will open the Search and Replace window.
The Search Records With Duplicate Field Values will open up the Search Column to Find Duplicates window.
Find and Replace
Search Records With Duplicate Field Values

Visual Aids

9. Visual Aids
If the text size is too small or too big for your screen you can use the Visual Aid Tools to increase or decrease the text size on the Grid View.
Smaller Text Size
Bigger Text Size

Column Selection

10. Column Selection
It is possible to change the columns displayed on the Grid View.
The column chooser button will open the Field Chooser window where you can drag and drop columns to and from to hide them from the Grid View.
To hide or show a column from the Grid View just open the Field Chooser window and drag and drop field from and to it. 
Column Chooser
Reset Configuration
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