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This is the main toolbar of the Data Entry Tab, here you have the tools to create OCR Zones, Grids, Triggers and Intelli-Tag tools.

Document Type Operations

1. Document Type Operations
The Document Type button opens up the Document Type menu.
All of the document and Job related Document Type tasks can be performed on this menu.

Type Mismatch

2. Type Mismatch
The Type Mismatch button will open the Share Document Type window.
It will create a new document type for the current document.

Refine Type by Text

3. Refine Type by Text
The Refine Type by Text button will allow to create a Document Subtype from specific text as a trigger,
every time ChronoScan sees specific text on a page it will define that specific subtype to the page, useful for triggering page split.
This button will change the cursor to "New OCR Trigger", after creating the desired search area the subtype trigger dialogue will open up.

OCR Zone Creation Mode

4. OCR Zone Creation Mode
Select this function and click on a field on the Form View to create a OCR Zone for that field.

Intelli-Tag Search Options

5. Intelli-Tag Search Options
Select this function and click on a field on the Form View to create a Intelli-Tag for that field.
This button also offers other Intellig-Tag settings on the dropdown menu.
The Intelli-Tag menu
Click on Intelli-Tag Settings to open the Intelli-Tag Manager Window, where you can create, edit and remove Intelli-Tags.
The Intelli-tag tools option will open the Intelli-Tag Tools Window where the user can view all activity related to intelli-tags.
To enable activity logging for intelli-tags enable the Perform event log to database option.

Text Capture Mode

6. Text Capture Mode
The text Capture button activates the Send Text to function.
You can click on a field on the Form or Grid View and create an area around the text you want to send to that field,
the cursor will change to "Send Text To". Very useful when OCR Zones are not a practical solution.

OCR Triggers Mode

7. OCR Triggers Mode
The OCR Triggers Mode function enables the creation of triggers and it's menu allows to remove all existing triggers.
All the created triggers are displayed on the Triggers Panel. 
OCR Triggers Menu.
This will activate the "New OCR Trigger" cursor,
create an area to capture the text you want to use as trigger to open the

Save Changes

8. Save Changes
The Save Changes button will save all the settings for the current batch.
ChronoScan auto-saves often, but it is never too
much to make sure all the changes are always saved.

Add Data Field

9. Add Data Field
The Add Data Field button will Add a new Data Field to the Form View.
When you click on it you will be prompted for the new Data Field name,
input the desired name and click OK to add the new Data Field.

Delete Selected Object

10. Delete Selected Object
The Delete Selected Object button will delete the selected Object on the Current Page view.
It can be used to remove OCR Zones and Triggers.

Object Properties

11. Object Properties
The Object Properties menu show a few options for the selected object.
You can set the visibility of a OCR Zone, in which page it will show up, the OCR
Engine to be used for that object and a few more options.
This menu is documented here.

Reset Type/Triggers

12. Reset Type/Triggers
The Reset Type/Triggers option will reset the current document type to it's default,
If you click on save changes that will make the actual configuration the default.
Reset type menu option.
The reset triggers for this document type will delete all the
triggers associated to the current document type.

Data Panels

13. Data Panels
The Data Panels button will open up the eXtra Panels Settings,
where you can enable Data Grids and configure it's options.
More on Data Grids can be found here.
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