OCR Trigger Assistant - Subtype

OCR Trigger Assistant - Subtype
On this window it is possible to setup a subtype trigger using certain text present on a page. After setting up the search area using the Refine Type by Text button this window will open up. Here you can see all the text found in your search area and select part of it or all of it to be used as a trigger, meaning that every time ChronoScan finds that text on the search area it will set the subtype defined for that page. Click OK to open the Share Document Type Window to edit settings for the Document Subtype, later on that subtype can be used for other functions such as document splitting. Here is how to split documents using subtypes.

Text Available

1. Text Available
This area displays all the text captured by the search area created.

Trigger Text

2. Trigger Text
On this area you can type in the desired text or just highlight the desired text from the Text Available area.
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