3.5.4. Data Entry Tab

3.5.4. Data Entry Tab
The Data Entry tab is where the Job will be setup for your documents. Here you will be able to create OCR Zones, Grids and triggers to capture data on your documents.

Batch Operations Toolbar

1. Batch Operations Toolbar
The Batch Operations toolbar offers tool to navigate the documents.
It is documented here.

Document Type Read Configuration Toolbar

2. Document Type Read Configuration Toolbar
This is the main toolbar of the Data Entry Tab where you have the tools to create OCR Zones, Grids, Triggers and Intelli-Tag tools. It is documented here.

Image Overlays Toolbar

3. Image Overlays Toolbar
This toolbar offer a few options that change how ChronoScan behaves and what is shown on it's interface.
It is documented here.

OCR Tools Toolbar

4. OCR Tools Toolbar
On the OCR Tools Toolbar you have tools for OCR reading.
You can select the OCR Engine and access it's settings and do OCR for the fields created.
It is documented here.

Views Toolbar

5. Views Toolbar
This menu offers only one option, you can show/hide auxiliary panels and views like the Forms and the Modules Panel. More on ChronoScan's Panels and Views here.
This toolbar is documented here.

Help Toolbar

6. Help Toolbar
This toolbar offers help tools.
It is documented here.

Document Navigation Panel

7. Document Navigation Panel
This Panel offers tools to faster navigation through documents and pages.
It is documented here.

Current Page Thumbnail

8. Current Page Thumbnail
That thumbnail mirrors the current document, showing it fully.

Current Page View

9. Current Page View
On this panel it is possible to manipulate the whole page of the current document. You can change what it shows by using the Views Toolbar. Here is where you create OCR Zones,
Triggers and Grids and navigate the page.

Form View

10. Form View
The Form View shows information about the Data Fields set for the Job.
You can also use the Form View to set new Data Fields and OCR Zones associated with it.
The Form View is fully documented here.

Modules Panel

11. Modules Panel
The Modules Panel shows information about the Capture Grid or CaptureGrids set up for .

Panel Switcher

12. Panel Switcher
Using these tabs it is possible to quickly switch between panels.
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