Batch Operations Toolbar

Batch Operations Toolbar
This toolbar offers tools to navigate the Batch of Documents currently opened. It also allows to perform specific document actions.

Documents Navigation

1. Documents Navigation
The Document Navigation buttons allow to navigate through Documents in the currently opened Batch without having to return to the Sca/Input tab. If what you want to do is to go to the next page of the current document check the Document Navigation Panel.

Search Documents

2. Search Documents
This menu allows to select what can be seen on the Grid View panel and the documents available to go through.
Using the search function you can make sure only the documents that contain or do not contain errors show up, very useful when making sure the Job is properly setup.

Document Actions

3. Document Actions
This menu allows for document page sorting and image correction.
The Document Actions menu is similar to the Document Actions Menu on the Scan/Input Tab, only difference is that this menu only have actions for the current document.
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