Views and Panels

Views and Panels
The Views and Panels on ChronoScan display very important information for setting up the Job for your Documents.
Each Panel and View cover a very specific function within ChronoScan that will be covered on this section of the manual.
You can select a Panel or View from the following list or keep reading through all of them:

Form View

1. Form View
The Form View shows the data fields and the data captured
by the OCR Zones for the currently selected document.
Use the Form View to manage your Data Fields,
set OCR Zones to specific Data Fields and to edit the captured data.
The Form View is documented here.

Document Type Panel

2. Document Type Panel
The Document Type Panel displays information
about the current document type and the document types for the currently opened Job.
You can use it to edit document types templates.
The Document Type Panel is documented here.

Object Properties Panel

3. Object Properties Panel
The Object Properties Panel displays information about the selected item.
This panel is used to edit the properties of several objects within ChronoScan.
The Object Properties Panel is documented here.

Output Operations Panel

4. Output Operations Panel
The Output Operations Panel is a console that displays
information about the operations run by ChronoScan.

Grid View

5. Grid View
The Grid View displays the same information as the
Form View but for all the documents in the Batch.
It includes a feature to export the captured data as an
excel or text file from the Grid View.
The Grid View is documented here.

Modules Panel

The Data Modules Panel displays information about the Capture Grids.
It is used to create and edit each used Data Capture Grid as well as reading the information on it.
The Data Modules Panel is documented here.

Triggers Panel

7. Triggers Panel
The Triggers Panel show all triggers on the current page
of the current document and on all documents.
You use the Triggers Panel to select, sort and remove Triggers.
The Triggers Panel is documented here.

eTags Panel

8. eTags Panel
The eTags panel display all information related to the eTags enabled on the current Job.
The eTags panel is documented here.
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