Views Toolbar

Views Toolbar
This toolbar offers tools to manage the Documents View panel. You can select different cursor tools such as split, rotate and others. You can also toggle the Undo feature here and show/hide auxiliary panels and views like the Forms and the Modules Panel.
The cursors are great for speeding up a manual workflow. On the views toolbar it is also possible to enable the Customizable Buttons.

Toggle Document Titles View

1. Toggle Document Titles View
Toggling this option will hide/show the document titles on the Documents View panel.
Hiding the titles offers a more compact view of all the documents, useful for batches of many documents that share the same structure.

Cursors Menu

2. Cursors Menu
This menu offer different cursor tools.
All the different cursor tools are documented here.

View Zoom Menu

3. View Zoom Menu
There are three levels of zoom for the documents and another view option on this menu.
View Zoom Menu options
Selecting the Only Titles option will hide the document images from the Documents View panel.
The three levels of zoom will increase or decrease the document image sizes on the Documents View panel.

Options Menu

4. Options Menu
This menu has the option to disable the Undo feature, it makes the program run faster. It is also possible to turn on the Customizable Buttons.
Options Menu

Panels Menu

5. Panels Menu
The Panels Menu gives access to several panels that serve different functions on the process of setting up a Job.
This menu is documented here.
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