Object Properties Menu

Object Properties Menu
This menu will give properties for the currently selected object. It will give properties for an OCR Zone or a Trigger. On A Trigger this menu will only give option for the Object Page.


1. Visibility
This will toggle the visibility of the OCR Zone in the page. Useful if you have a very cluttered page.

Activate Zone OCR Capture

2. Activate Zone OCR Capture
Disabling this option will make the Capture Zone inactive, it won't capture any data.

Object Page Menu

3. Object Page Menu
On this menu you can control on which page the selected object will appear.

OCR Extraction Zone Type Menu

4. OCR Extraction Zone Type Menu
On this menu you can control the validation rules ChronoScan will use to validate the data captured. If you set the type to date and ChronoScan doesn't read a date on the current field you will get an error.

OCR Extraction Engine Menu

5. OCR Extraction Engine Menu
On this menu you can select the OCR Engine used to capture the data on the currently selected object.
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