Grid Configuration

Grid Configuration
This window shows up by clicking in the Options button on the Modules Panel. On this window it is possible to customize the grid to capture all the data desired from the documents. It is possible to create and delete fields, sort them, edit each field's properties and setup a nominal code and connection to a database. After setting all the needed settings the grid should be created on the document, like it is shown here.
To create advanced grid capture setups create a custom data field for your grid and select the desired function from all the functions available.
Fields can have several different types, and that will change some options available for them. More on Field Types and Field Configuration can be found here:

Nominal Code Settings

1. Nominal Code Settings

Data Capture Fields

2. Data Capture Fields
All the information about the created Data Capture Fields is displayed and can be customized here. From field name and type to the default value. The Remove Carriage Return option removes the different lines of the read text and make it a single line text.

Add Field

3. Add Field
The Add Field button adds a new default field on the Data Capture Fields area.

Remove Field

4. Remove Field
Select a field and click on the Remove Field button to remove it.

Move Field Up or Down

5. Move Field Up or Down
Select a field and click on the Move Up or Move Down button to sort the fields.

Delete All Fields

6. Delete All Fields
To create the fields from scratch click the Delete All Fields button.

Check Connection

7. Check Connection
To test the connection to an external database for the nominal field usage click on the Check Connection button.

Collapse All Fields

8. Collapse All Fields
To collapse all fields, making it easier to edit and sort them, click on the Collapse All Fields button.
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