Grid Creation

Grid Creation
In order to create the Data Capture Grid over the document click on the Edit Grid button on the Modules Panel, the cursor will change to "New capture Grid".
Then create the grid over the area containing the data intended to be captured by holding the left mouse button on the beginning
point of the grid and drag the mouse up until the ending point of the grid, releasing the mouse button when the orange area is as intended. As shown below :
The next step is to setup the grid columns as shown here.

Edit Grid

1. Edit Grid
The Edit Grid button will allow access to the Grid Menu button and to the Move Grid  button
as well as allowing for editing of the
Grid Header in order to setup the Grid Columns and Rows as shown here.

Data Capture Grid

2. Data Capture Grid
The data capture Grid is created after releasing the left mouse button.
It needs further editing using the Grid Header menu and the Grid Menu.
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