Optimizing VBScript Database Connection Speed

Applies from ChronoScan onwards. 
We have added a new function to ChronoScan VBscritps that allows you to maintain an open database connection. This will speed up queries to external data sources.
The new function is:
ChronoApp.CreateAdoDBConnection( DSN, USERNAME, PASSWORD)
DSN: your connection String
USERNAME: User name for the connection, (if not supplied on the DSN)
PASSWORD: Password for the connection, (if not supplied on the DSN)
Creating a new persistent database connection replaces the old ADODB.Connection method:
Set MyDB = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
With a call to the new function:
Set MyDB = ChronoApp.CreateAdoDBConnection("ULISES_JOSE_DEV", "", "")
Very Important:
Remember to remove all MyDB.Close calls. ChronoScan will manage the database flow to speed up calls. Avoiding this step may stop your connection.
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