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This menu includes many useful document and batch actions.

Select All

1. Select All
Select all documents on the batch.

Remove Selection

2. Remove Selection
Removes any selection made. Same as Select None.

Split Selection

3. Split Selection
Split documents on every selected item. You can select all the first pages of all documents and use this function to split all documents with a single click.

Delete Selection

4. Delete Selection
Removes the selected documents and pages from the batch.

Move Selection

5. Move Selection
This will move the selected page or document to the previous or next page or document relative to all the other pages and documents. Very useful when fixing a split done at the wrong place or when sorting out documents with pages on the wrong places.

Rotate Selection

6. Rotate Selection
Rotates the selection in the indicated amount. Auto-Rotate is useful as a DeSkew tool.

Auto-Crop Selection

7. Auto-Crop Selection
Auto-Crops selection to reduce file size.

Convert to Black & White

8. Convert to Black & White
Convert selection to Black and White color scheme.

Open in Default Application

9. Open in Default Application
Open the selection in the default program for the selected file. If it is a image it will open in the machine's default image viewer, if it is a PDF file it will open in the machine's default PDF reader.

Reprocess Selection

10. Reprocess Selection
This will open the Process and Tasks Settings Window where you can select settings to reprocess the selection. The same as Process Selection where the old results are eliminated.

Split Documents

11. Split Documents
This will split the selected documents based on the selected criteria. Useful when the selected split method doesn't work well.


12. Navigate
The Navigate Files button will open ChonoScan's working directory for the current Batch on window explorer.
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