Database Search Window

Database Search Window
On the Database Search window it is possible to connect the current Job's Data Fields to an external database. Use this window to search through the selected database and to connect the desired data to Data Fields on ChronoScan.
To use a database you must first configure a Database Connection using the Database Connections Window.

Configuration Name

1. Configuration Name
Select here the configuration type desired, the Master Lookup configuration comes as default, you need to create your own should you have specific needs.

Add/Remove Configuration

2. Add/Remove Configuration
Select a configuration from the Configuration Name List and click on the Remove Configuration button to remove it.
Click on the Add Configuration button to add a new configuration.

Database Connections

3. Database Connections
Select the desired Database Connection from the dropdown menu.
Click on the Option button to open the Database Connections Window.

Database Schema

4. Database Schema
After selecting the desired Database Connection select here the desired Schema from the dropdown menu.

Database Table

5. Database Table
After selecting the desired Database Connection and Schema select the desired Table from the dropdown menu.
Click on the Option button to open the Database Navigator Window to select the desired table.

Mark on Error Options

6. Mark on Error Options
Those options will improve reliability when working with critical data by making ChronoScan report errors.

ChronoScan Data Fields

7. ChronoScan Data Fields
The existing Data Fields on the Job will be displayed here.

Database Link Type

8. Database Link Type
Select the Link Type for each Data Field from the dropdown menu that will show up after selecting the Link Type area.
There are 6 Database Link Types available:
Lookup Key
Map Field
Update Field
Lookup Key/Map
Lookup Key/Map Update
Update Key

Database Field

9. Database Field
Select the desired Database Field to be connected with each Data Field.
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