3.4.6. Jobs

A Job in ChronoScan is a set of settings that refer to a specific set of documents that share similar input data fields, scan settings, and final store destination such as invoices and delivery notes.
In order to start working on ChronoScan you need to setup a Job for your documents. Setting up a Job involves creating a set of rules, OCR zones and Triggers for the desired documents.
There are several ways to create a Job within ChronoScan, the simplest one is to use the Job Wizard button on the Administration tab or while creating a new Batch using the New Batch button on the Scan/Input tab.
Job Wizard button on the "Administration" tab.
Job Wizard button on the Create Batch window.
A Job stores many settings such as Data Fields;
Example of Data Fields set for a specific document. Data fields can be seen on the Form panel.
Batches (Groups of scanned/imported documents);
Batches panel on the Scan/Input tab. It shows all created Batches and the Job associated to each one.
Document Types (Templates);
Document Types Manager window showing all available Document Types for the current Job