Document Split Options

Document Split Options
The Document Split Options menu allows you to select the type of document split that will be done for the imported files.
The only split configuration that do not show up here is the Blank Page Detection that can be found here.

Manual Split

1. Manual Split
Selecting this option will enable Manual Split.
Manual Split can be done several ways as shown here.

Split Every n Pages

2. Split Every n Pages
Select this option and then enter the number of pages on your documents to enable the Split Every n Pages split.
Useful only when all your documents have the same number of pages.

Barcode Split

3. Barcode Split
In order to configure this barcode split there must be one document with the desired barcode already in the batch.
Just enable the option, click on the desired document and click on Configuration to open the Barcode Split Reading Configuration window.
After setting up the barcode read for the document, if you want to split only when a certain code is found type the entire code on the text box.
NOTE: The pages containing the barcodes detected will be deleted just like the PatchCode split behavior when using this kind of document split.

PatchCode Split

4. PatchCode Split
If you are going to be using PatchCodes to split your documents then enable this option and select the PatchCode you will be using on the Patch Type menu.

Patch Type

5. Patch Type
Here there is a list of all PatchCode types accepted by ChronoScan.
Select the one you will be using to split your documents.
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